CV Secrets – A Great Employee Introduction Game


At my place of work, FreshNetworks (a division of Fresh Minds) joiners introduce themselves to the firm by playing a game called "CV Secrets".  The basic idea is that you have to stand up at the weekly meeting and give details of five positions or events from your past, one of which must be a lie.  The rest of the firm has to guess which is the lie.  It's great fun and gives everyone a snapshot of your personality as well as a bit of past history.

Just for a bit of fun, I thought I'd share mine with you.* 

Out of the following, can you guess which is the lie?

1)    I was trained in hand to hand combat and aggressive negotiation by a former government agent.

2)    I came into contact with several orally transmitted diseases.

3)    I was heavily involved with video pornography.

4)    I used to service the needs of the clergy.

5)    I used to get my knees dirty to keep housewives happy.

Over to you!

*close friends, colleagues (having already played) and family members, please don't give the game away.