I Hate The New Facebook Interface!


Actually, I don’t hate it at all. That’s just what everyone else is saying.


Believe it or not, the Facebook interface designers base their decisions mostly on two factors. Those being: What the users want and what will help drive more revenue. Unfortunately, every now and then something you use is going to get dropped. It’s probably been dropped because not many people use that feature or because it doesn’t fit in with something they have planned for future development. They do know who clicks what and how often they are clicking it…


Imagine if they did a U-turn every time the user base said “we don’t like it, change it back”. Well, most of you probably wouldn’t be using it now because it would still be a closed network for students. It wouldn’t have any apps or games. It wouldn’t integrate with other social networks.


Change is good. Change is necessary for evolution and improvement.


You will get used to it.