Tweetminer – Tweet Scheduling And More…


What is Tweetminer?

Tweetminer is a slick web based Twitter client for power users featuring a built in tweetable RSS (news feed) reader and a very powerful rolling schedule tool.  The basic client is free but for those of you who like to bite off a bit more there are also three different paid options.

Twitter Client

The Twitter client part of the application is on first sight everything you would expect from a single column client, allowing you to see all the regular timelines (friends, DMs, mentions etc.) and allows you to add timelines for individual users, searches and even lists.  You can also see and update your own timeline and reply to tweets/DMs as per normal.

What makes it really useful is that each tweet can be either retweeted instantly, added to the rolling schedule or edited.  If you edit a tweet you can retweet instantly or add to your schedule for tweeting later.  Very handy for retweeting the good stuff from your lists and favourite users without clogging up people’s timelines.

You can also add multiple Twitter accounts if you’re a real power user.

RSS Reader

The RSS reader, while not a full featured RSS client like Google Reader does allow you to add feeds and perform the following actions: Instant tweet, edit, add to schedule and flag for review.  It is lacking a decent preview so you do unfortunately have to click through and open the article to find out what it’s all about.  With the scheduling you can either add it to your rolling schedule or select a specific time for the tweet to go out.


Tweetminer features a very advanced scheduling tool allowing tweets to go out at specific times or to be added to a rolling schedule that you can set up in advance to operate between certain times on certain days of the week.  Items in the rolling schedule can ordered to your liking.

Premium vs Free

Tweetminer comes in four different flavours at four different costs:

Basic / Free
5 Twitter Accounts
250 Twitter API Calls/Day
10 Scheduled Msg./Day
5 Feeds

Budget Yearly / $60 per year
2 Twitter Accounts
1000 Twitter API Calls/Day
100 Scheduled Msg./Day
Unlimited Feeds
Use your

Premium / $10 per month
5 Twitter Accounts

3000 Twitter API Calls/Day
500 Scheduled Msg./Day
Unlimited Feeds
Use your

Max / $20 per month
20 Twitter Accounts

12000 Twitter API Calls/Day
2000 Scheduled Msg./Day
Unlimited Feeds
Use your

There is a nag to upgrade after 5 days use if of the free version but this will only appear once per login so it isn’t too annoying.

My Verdict

In all this is an excellent product, very slick, well designed and thought out.  The only things i think are missing is some way of reading the articles in the RSS feed without having to leave the app and a time/date stamp on the items in the RSS feed.  It’s nice to know at a glance how old the news is.

One of the things that made a huge difference to me was that when I complained about the nags (initially it nagged a LOT) the developer @justinvincent got in touch straight away and made the nags far less annoying by only making them appear once per login.

Another nice touch is that when you use a feature for the first time it shows hints and tips.  You can hide these temporarily or permanently as you wish.

This app is a must for power users and news gatherers alike.  I even use it myself!

There is also a perk for users (or even non users) by way of a very advanced affiliate scheme so you can get paid for telling others about it!

Try it out free for yourself: