Why Mobatalk is the perfect Twitter Video solution

And how it can improve…

If you don’t know what Mobatalk is, look here and ye shall be enlightened: Mobatalk

First of all, what makes it the best Twitter Vid app so far is that it is really easy and you don’t need to set up an account.  Obviously, you need a Twitter account but who hasn’t got one of those already?

All you do is pop in your Twitter ID and password, add some text, choose or create a hashtag, hit record and you’re done.  Easy as 3.141592654.

The beauty is in its simplicity.  All it is doing is creating a video and sending out a link with your tweet.  It isn’t even trying to do anything else…  And why should it?

I did have some trouble getting the Java based video recorder working…  As in it didn’t work at all in Firefox 3 (on Mac) and in Opera, it tied up the camera driver but it is an alpha version so you can expect a few issues here and there.  I have to say, though, the video and audio quality were superb.  Far better than Seesmic from where I’m sitting.  It is also more open and flexible than Seesmic due to being 100% Twitter based.

It can and will improve.  The developer of the application tells me that the impending beta version fixes a lot of weird issues and focuses more on conversation.

What I would like to see, and what would help the app get its self out there is the ability to easily join in with other text based conversations on Twitter.  If you reply to normal conversation threads on Twitter with a video, straight away people are being exposed to the service and many of them will want to have a go for themselves.  I would like to see a Twhirl style app too.  A Twitter client with built in video integration would just rock.

How about it, Mobasoft?