Pilchard is Dead

Long live Lee Stacey…

I’ve decided that enough is enough and I’m going to rebrand. The whole Pilchard thing has run its course now I feel and it is time to present myself as me, Lee Stacey.  It all starts here, and continues video-stylee over at [site no longer exists] as you would expect.

Naturally, I’m not killing off the Pilchard brand or losing http://www.pilchard.org because it is very well known and some of the fans and followers of that brand have been with me for over ten years. Which is AMAZING, guys, thank you! I guess Pilchard will be a brand within the brand of Lee Stacey just like Diet Coke is a brand within

I guess Pilchard will be a brand within the brand of Lee Stacey just like Diet Coke is a brand within Coca-Cola. You catch my drift?

Will I be keeping this Posterous thing here running?  Maybe, maybe not. I like it A LOT but If you’ve seen the Guards videos I posted, there are some issues there… Not many, though, it seems. Everything else works rather well and I’m loving the fact that all I need to do is write this in an email, hit send and it is posted and all lovely looking.

What about [site no longer exists]? Would be a shame to lose all that content… Yes, it would so I’m not going to.  I might even keep it running as more focused business, tech and music blog. Almost like a text version of [site no longer exists].

So it’s going to look something like this:
[site no longer exists] – Video blog/podcast focussed on tech, music and business.
www.leestacey.com – My daily thoughts and ramblings.  More casual stuff.
[site no longer exists]- Traditional blog focussed on tech, music and business.

As you can probably see I’m working all this out on the fly, as I type. Interesting way to build a brand, eh?

The twitter account is the really tricky part. I don’t know if I really want to start again with that. @pilchardmusic is pretty well established and has an awesome friend network attached. @LStacey has been set up now to fall in line with the new branding model so you might want to start following that as the switch may or may not happen. I don’t want to have two twitter accounts forever. I guess the jury is still out on that one, though.

Does any of this make sense? It does to me. That’s all that matters… I’ve just spat this lot out here to help me work out a strategy. If you feel like pitching in and helping me out on this one, though, I would be eternally grateful as these things are much easier with a bit of input from the outside world.


Pilchard is dead, long live Lee Stacey