Tweetbomb – The Truth


Over the past few days a new meme has popped up on twitter called tweetbombing.  Basically the command comes from an account named @tweetbomb at 3.33PM EST every day for its followers to send a blank @ message to a carefully selected twitter account.  The result being that the chosen one gets flooded by hundreds or potentially even thousands of messages.  The upshot is that they tend to get new followers out of this.

The official instructions for tweetbombing, that can be found on @tweetbomb’s Twitter profile are as follows:

  1. Follow @tweetbomb
  2. At 3:33PM (EST) we’ll release a username
  3. Everyone will then type ‘@that_name’ and press enter
  4. We’ll provide a link to watch the results
  5. Tell all your friends to follow @tweetbomb

Pretty simple stuff and pretty good fun.



The man behind @tweetbomb is blogger and robophile, Ryan Deal.  Ryan can apparently often be found doing crazy things like attempting to start new religions…  In a way, I guess @tweetbomb is a kind of religion.

Some info about Ryan from his blog:

  • im good with numbers.
  • im extremely clean.
  • i dont like seafood.
  • i make jokes that only i get.
  • i think salmon swimming upstream is one of the funniest looking things in the world.
  • i believe in confidence.
  • New Realism will change your life.
  • Vanilla Soy Chai
  • i like to watch people

So give it a go for yourself and follow @tweetbomb.  Go and do some bombing!

Some @tweetbomb related links:


Sorry, all the links died.

Ryan did direct message me to tell me to keep his identity quiet but as he wasn’t following me, I couldn’t message him back.  Oh well…

Oh and lastly…  Thanks, Ryan for pointing out my typos!  I have a tendency to type like a maniac at times!