Oh look, a website update

Yay. A new Code Audio website:
Sorry, this link is no longer available.


If you look around carefully you will find a couple of easter eggs too.


And just in case you’re interested here are some of the changes:


It’s built using Google Page Creator. I’ve been threatening for quite some time to build a “proper website” using Google Pages and I’m actually quite pleased with the result. To be honest, with as many pages as the site has it would have been quicker to do it properly with proper includes for static stuff and my own CSS but what the hey, it was an experiment and it turned out OK.


The whole site is now supported by Google Ads and donations. Alright, so I’ll never be rich but at least it makes those hosting bills a bit easier to swallow.


From now on it’s freeware only from Code Audio unless a product comes into my hands that is awesome beyond belief and makes me change my mind.