Audiofoolz Netlabel – Draft Business Model

As some of you may or may not know, I own a site called Audiofoolz. This site is the leftovers from a very successful music community I used to run called StudioSense.


Times change and peoples needs change at the same time. It seems not many people really want or need sites like Audiofoolz any more. That’s fair enough. What I shall do is take that domain name and the few die hard fans and see if we can’t get a phoenix out of those ashes.


In order to do this I propose a new business model, as follows:


Audiofoolz – 2008 – New Business Model (draft)




Audiofoolz will become a Netlabel whose aim is to deliver high quality music content from new and upcoming artists, without DRM, at a fair price to the end user and with all monies coming direct from the customer to the artist.




The existing forum structure will stay intact but all current user content will be deleted. A fair time will be given for users to recover files if neccesary.


The forum will be upgraded to the latest release of phpBB with attachment functionality for artists to submit demos.


The forum will not be the main focus of the site. The music will be the main focus.


Once accepted, artists will be able to submit albums and EPs only for public consumption. These don’t need to be fully exclusive but it would be better for all concerned if they are. All releases will be fully scrutinised to ensure high quality before public release.


When ready for release, said albums or EPs will be added to a release schedule to allow time for marketing and press exposure.


Once released, all releases will be downloadable for free but with a donate option. The customer shall pay whatever he/she feels to be right for the release. 100% of donations from the release page will go to the artist.


The site will cover its own costs by ad serving technologies and an option to donate at the site landing page.




Development is scheduled for summer 2008 with go live planned for November 2008. I am looking for a development team (to work for free obviously) so if you think you can help out here, please let me know.