Facebook, camping and kids with MSN


First off, let’s talk about Facebook. I eventually jumped on the bandwagon and I have to admit it’s pretty cool. I’ve made contact with people from my past that I thought I would never talk to again and in some cases that’s a good thing.

One thing I have found with Facebook is that people of my age group generally haven’t picked it up yet. I don’t remember the names of everyone that I went to school with but a few that I have searched out aren’t on there yet. I guess us 30 somethings aren’t really the net generation…

Anyways, I’ve set up a fan club Facebook page if anyone’s interested and I might use it as a way to dish out free tunes and news etc. Not sure yet.

Here’s the address of my fan page thingy:

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Now on to camping.

I’ve just come back from a camping holiday in Dorset with my other half. Unfortunately the weather was utter rubbish so there wasn’t a lot we could do other than sit in the tent and read the paper.

Recently we joined the Camping and Caravanning Club (I know, don’t go there) and this was our first experience as club members. We have been to club sites before but as guests. We went to a site in Moreton, Devon which is literally in the middle of nowhere. As sites go the facilities were OK but from experience I would say that so far private sites are generally better but when you compare the costs, joining the club is good value for money even if you just go away a couple of times a year.

Though Moreton is in the middle of nowhere, it is close to Monkey World and the Tank Museum at Bovington so not all is lost. We went to Monkey World on the only sunny day and the Tank Museum is all inside shich was a bonus. Got to ride in an armoured personnel carrier too, which was fun!

We also went to the Sea Life park in Weymouth on what was possibly the wettest day of all. It did clear up eventually and most of the fish etc. are inside. It was bloody expensive though, for what it was. On top of the entry fee (of something like £12.50 per person) parking costs about a pound an hour. We also went shopping and had lunch in an a nice bistro called called House on Pooh Corner whilst in Weymouth. Happy days!Anyhew, photos of my holiday can be found by clicking this image:

Anyhew, photos of my holiday can be found by clicking this image:

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The last thing I wish to write about is kids with MSN Messenger. Being in the unfortunate position of someone with “niche fame” (and I’m coining that phrase for myself) my public domain MSN address gets absolutely bombarded by kids with nothing better to do than talk crap. When I was 14 I liked to go out and play football or muck around in the woods. I was able to find entertainment outdoors with my friends and all the geeky computer stuff was ony done on rainy days or inbetween other activities. What annoys me more than anything else is the fact that these kids don’t really have anything to talk about so they just pester me and when I don’t respond they seem to get angry, throw a few rude words my way and find themselves blocked forever.

I guess it’s good that they are sitting inside using their PCs rather than robbing old ladies but what is sad is that the reason the don’t rob old ladies is because they are too fat and unfit to do so.